Paul Duffield

Paul is a market leader in Northern England and has partnered with clients from financial services companies to global manufacturers. Paul has been one of the leading figures in HR search for the last 13 years. As well as leading the overall Eyzon business Paul personally delivers on all leadership searches in the North.

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Alister Jenkins

Alister focuses on leadership positions within HR across London, the South East and Europe. His direct and honest approach to search finds the right balance between speed and value for his clients. Alister has a blend of search and experience gained client side. Alister’s experience ranges from delivering senior HR searches to Asset Managers through to European FMCG businesses.

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Executive Search*

Our approach to search is tailored to the needs of each client. More often than not searches don’t need a sweeping longlist that takes months to produce. Our constant presence in the HR market and our monitoring of upcoming talent allows us to turn searches around far quicker than traditional firms. Both Paul and Alister have a large and deep network that allows us access to a far wider network of contacts and recommendations through ‘friends of Eyzon’ which we are immensely proud of.

We are also keen to challenge the status quo and bring our experience of multiple sectors to our clients. Often what you think you need to hire at the outset may not be where you get to at the end of the process. We are constantly seeking to ‘pleasantly surprise’ the perceptions of what HR search should be.

Market Mapping*

We work closely with our clients on their future talent needs and this can develop into more formal market mapping. Often we find that our clients don’t know what they don’t know and we try to broaden their knowledge of their market or in fact an entirely different market on a case by case basis. Searches often start with a specific profile however a more formal market mapping exercise can ascertain whether a full search is a worthwhile exercise. Market mapping only tends to be a good idea for a niche skillset, perceived shortage of talent or a difficult location. We are happy to discuss whether this is a sensible approach for your organisation or a waste of time and your budget.


One thing we can never be accused of is having an opinion on the market. Our depth of knowledge of HR models across multiple sectors allows us to advise our clients before a formal search is started. We regularly advise clients against starting a search due to this readily available information. We will happily share insight around the depth of talent pools in specific geographies and the relative cost of hires. Our relationships with certain clients are so well developed that we can offer this insight into their talent strategies and shape what and who they may need to hire (or not hire) in the future.

Our insight is also shared with our wider network through thought provoking articles and more informal senior networking events. Please do speak to us about being a part of our network through the events we run through the year.

Interim Management*

We work in partnership with our clients to find the right solution for their business and this isn’t always a permanent Search. In the changing landscape of business an interim solution is often the most prudent temporary solution. Interim consultants also allow clients to ‘over hire’ and bring in specialist senior skills for a short period without having to worry about future retention.

An example of a recent assignment:

One of our clients has been going through a significant period of change and whilst their HR team is highly skilled they are over utilised and didn’t have the capacity to lead the Change project. We introduced one of our HRD network to the client for a 4 month period to oversee the programme of work.


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